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Cyber Response

We work alongside your team during a cyber incident to provide experienced consultants that speed up your time to restore applications and services

"I have always found CNNECT highly responsive and capable – during an incident they are on-hand with a team of technical experts who are experienced in working under the pressure and ambiguity that comes in these scenarios. We continue to engage their team for support."

Chris Ormond, Lead Incident Response Manager at S-RM

We are experts in

Technical Cyber Restoration

Swiftly restoring systems and data integrity post-cyber incidents with advanced techniques to minimize downtime and ensure comprehensive protection.


A team that is on hand 24x7 to support your organisation, rapidly responding to a changing situation


All the skills that you need to get back up and running as fast as possible


People who have been in this situation before, and can advise on the best plan of restoration

How we can work together


Send the incident details along with the scope, skillset and location


We will conduct a site audit and identify key assets & stakeholders for the restoration


Liaising with the incident lead we will determine the scope of the restoration


Post restoration we will provide ongoing support, complete tactical projects and help with strategic solutions to ensure the client emerges stronger from the incident


We will work through the environment methodically restoring all services, constantly communicating with you and the client to determine restoration vs. rebuild


Working from the inventory we will prioritise key systems to ensure the customer is operational as quickly as possible

What our clients say

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Whether you’re ready to start a technology transformational project, reduce costs, leverage strategic IT leadership, or just have some questions, let’s have a conversation.

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